Product Release Roadmap

What's coming next with your Empower deployment!

We're excited to present our comprehensive product release timeline. Carefully planned and developed by our skilled team, this roadmap showcases our commitment to delivering valuable solutions to our customers.

Release Roadmap

Unity Catalog & Speed Optimizations
- Unified security and governance.
- Speed-up Modeling by 50%.
- Speed-up Data Acqusition by 20%.
Advanced Options MVP & Speed Optimizations
- Initial rollout of self-service monitoring.
- Speed-up Data Acqusition by 40%.
Cost Optimizations & UI Polish
- Publish data out to SQL Servers.
- UI Enhancements for a cleaner experience.
SQL Server Publishing
- Publish data out to SQL Servers.
- Metadata Catalog performance enhancements.
RBAC Setup & SFTP Publishing
- Start setting up role-based access controls.
- Publish data out to SFTP Servers as CSV, TSV, and Parquet files.
RBAC Enablement
- Feature flag to test role-based access controls for users.
- New self-service data sources supported (Google Analytics/Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Workday, Workday Reports, Guild Quality)
Self-service Acquisition and Analytics
- Fully configure data acquistion and analytics using Advanced Options.
- New self-service connectors supported (Textera, MSAccess, Azure Data Lake Services)
Configuration Migration, Load & Merge Strategies Update, Self-service Publishing, & more!
- Move configurations across environments, with easy reverts.
- Add comments to your migrations to track changes.
- Load strategy enhancements and two new methods available.
- Manage data publishing configurations using Advanced Options
- New Self-service connectors supported (Five9 w/ new endpoints)
Embedded State Reports and New Connectors
- View the status of your Empower deployment in an embedded Power BI report.
- New Snapshot extraction supported for Dynamics CE vai Synapse Link
- New self-service connectors supported (Eventhub, Dynamics FO via Synapse Link)
Dynamics Dataverse/FO - Direct Connector, New Connectors
- Trigger and schedule Dynamics 365 CE/FO data acquisition and publishing with our new Direct connectors (separate from Synapse Link)
- New self-service connectors supported (BirdEye)
Change Data Capture, UI Changes, New Connectors
- Support for Change Data feed style data formats for acquisition
- Customized bronze and silver schemas for Data Acquisition
- New self-service connectors supported (Azure DevOps)
Databricks Runtime, UI Updates
- Speed improvements from Spark Runtime update
- More intuitive Advanced Options UI with pagination and filtering
- Metadata Catalog Where clause support
Data Flows Public Preview
- Intuitive configuration for inbound, transformative, and outbound data management
- System Versions page for better error support
- Advanced Options tab intuitive naming and functional overhaul
- New Model - Entity and Entity Column filtering

Feature Requests

Each stage in our timeline has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that we continue to offer innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of businesses and users alike. If you have a feature request, please fill out the form below: