Product Principles

A north star for our feature development

Empower's product principles both guide and explain its overall purpose. We view and scope each and every feature for Empower through the lens of these principles.

1. Empower is all-in on Lakehouse.

Empower is made for data engineers, analysts, and architects to create, design, and customize data movement into, within, and out from the Lakehouse. Every enhancement is built around Lakehouse centralization and utilization as the staging grounds for data movement. Why? It's faster, cheaper, and is the foundation of new generative AI hardware and applications.

2. Empower is self-serviceable.

You do not need a Ph.D. or mastery of data engineering to use Empower. We design both our user experiences and our user-facing tools for anyone to be able to pick up without a steep learning curve.

3. Empower is affordable.

From the largest enterprise to the smallest startup, every company deserves to have control of their data. With Empower, we aim to make data movement as efficient as possible: maximizing business value while minimizing cost.

4. Empower provides observability.

When all is well in your data estate: you should know about it.

When something is wrong: you should know about that too.

By simplifying data orchestration, Empower provides a single-pane-of-glass for you to be confident your company data is healthy.

5. Empower automates the Modern Data Estate.

From auto-recovery mechanisms to managed services, we aim to remove the complexity and frustration that often comes with data management. Empower was built to remove menial tasks, to replace time-wasting activity with a few button clicks, and to provide support for the more complex parts of the data world.

Whether your use case is once-a-day data syncs from SQL servers or real-time streaming integrations with multiple ERP systems, Empower can help.