Connector Details

Connector AttributesDetails
DescriptionMariaDB is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) and is a fork of MySQL. It was created by the original developers of MySQL after concerns over the acquisition of MySQL by Oracle Corporation. MariaDB is fully compatible with MySQL, meaning it can replace MySQL in most use cases with little or no modifications.
Connector TypeClass A


Feature NameFeature Details
Load StrategiesFull Load, Incremental Load
Metadata ExtractionSupported
Data AcquisitionSupported
Data PublishingNot Supported
Automated Schema Drift HandlingSupported

Source Connection Attributes

Connection ParametersData TypeExample
Database NameStringmydatabase
User IDStringuser12345
SSL ModeListPreferred
Bronze Schema (Optional)String
Silver Schema (Optional)String

Connector Specific Configuration Details

  1. SSL Mode = Preferred is the default value, if SSL Mode is not defined
  2. MariaDB connector has optional values such as Bronze Schema and Silver Schema

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