Connector Details

Connector AttributesDetails
DescriptionPostgreSQL is a powerful open-source relational database management system known for its robustness, extensibility, and advanced features. It offers ACID compliance, concurrency control, and support for complex data types, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from small projects to large-scale enterprise systems. With features like table inheritance, full-text search, and JSON support, PostgreSQL provides developers with flexibility and versatility in designing data models and querying data. Its active community, regular updates, and extensive documentation ensure ongoing support and innovation, making PostgreSQL a popular choice for businesses and developers seeking a reliable and feature-rich database solution.
Connector TypeClass A


Feature NameFeature Details
Load StrategiesFull Load, Incremental Load
Metadata ExtractionSupported
Data AcquisitionSupported
Data PublishingNot Supported
Automated Schema Drift HandlingSupported

Source Connection Attributes

Connection ParametersData TypeExample
Database NameStringmydatabase
User IDStringmyuser
SSL ModeListRequired
Bronze Schema (Optional)String
Silver Schema (Optional)String

Connector Specific Configuration Details

  1. SSL Mode = Required is the default value, if SSL Mode is not defined
  2. PostgreSQL connector has optional values such as Bronze Schema and Silver Schema

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