Guild Quality

Connector Details

Connector AttributesDetails
NameGuild Quality
DescriptionGuildQuality offers an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows contractors and home service professionals to integrate GuildQuality's feedback and survey data directly into their own systems and applications. By leveraging the GuildQuality API, businesses can access valuable customer feedback and insights programmatically, enabling them to streamline their workflows, automate processes, and enhance their customer service efforts. The API provides access to a wide range of data, including survey responses, customer comments, ratings, and project details, empowering businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their clients' needs and preferences. With seamless integration capabilities, the GuildQuality API enables contractors to leverage customer feedback to drive improvements, make informed business decisions, and ultimately deliver exceptional experiences to their clients.
Connector TypeClass B


Feature NameFeature Details
Load StrategiesFull Load, Incremental Load
Metadata ExtractionSupported
Data AcquisitionSupported
Data PublishingNot Supported
Automated Schema Drift HandlingNot Supported

Source Connection Attributes

Connection ParametersData TypeExample
Connection NameStringGuildQualityAPIConnector
Bronze Schema (Optional)String
Silver Schema (Optional)String

Connector Specific Configuration Details

  1. Guild Quality connector has optional values such as Bronze Schema and Silver Schema
  2. Some API endpoints contains nested objects , currently they are not supported in the connector and simply marked as "NESTED_OBJECTS
    • Surveys
    • Customer-filelds
    • Reviews
    • Review-summary
  3. More details around this connector

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