Connector Details

Connector AttributesDetails
DescriptionSAP SAC is an Analytics Cloud system used for financial management and project management data. SAP SAC offers the ability for organizations to provide financial forecasts for their business units while projecting and evaluating the costs associated with the companies business projects. By leveraging SAP SAC as a source, organizations can improve data accuracy, enhance decision-making, and drive operational excellence across the enterprise.
Connector TypeClass D


Feature NameFeature Details
Load StrategiesFull Load
Metadata ExtractionSupported
Data AcquisitionSupported
Data PublishingNot Supported
Automated Schema Drift HandlingSupported

Source Connection Attributes

Connection ParametersData TypeExample
Connection NameStringSAPSAC Connector
Base URLString
Client IDStringsb-d41756c59-7583-234f-8249-b1472fc5ddf7!b53750|client!b476
Client SecretStringyour-clientSecret
Token URLString
Bronze Schema (Optional)String
Silver Schema (Optional)String

Connector Specific Configuration Details

  1. SAP SAC connector has optional values such as Bronze Schema and Silver Schema

  2. SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) public facing documentation

  3. SAP-SAC API work for 2 key focus points: 1) Administrative, 2) Provider

  4. This connector supports extracting data from SAP SAC ProviderIDs (TableNames). For example it can be used for extracting SAP SAC FINANCIAL tables and SAC SAC PROJECT tables

  5. By selecting the ProviderID endpoint in the Administrative section, obtain a list of ProviderIDs (ObjectNames or TableNames)

  6. This connector supports extracting Metadata information using the SAP SAC Providers API under the SAP SAC Administration endpoints, for example use the link to get more details.
    SAP SAC Provider endpoint

  7. To establish a connection with the SAP SAC source, an OAuth account is established to grant read access to SAP SAC API endpoints. Credentials are generated within the SAP SAC source and subsequently configured into the connector.

Client id: Get OAuth Client ID as the OAuth account is created
Client Secret : Get OAuth Client secret as the OAuth account is created
Token URL : This is an authorization link to generate a refresh token which is valid for 1 hr. for example the URL is https://<organization>
Base URL : This is the tenant URL for each client instance , for example base URL will be https://<organization>

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