Data Acquisition

Moving data into the lakehouse

Data Acquisition is the inbound movement of data, i.e. data moving into the centralized data lakehouse.

Metadata Catalog

Metadata is "data about data". In Empower, metadata contains information about the schemas, tables, objects, and fields contained within the data source. Empower extracts metadata while automatically detecting and auto-resolving Schema Drift.

You can configure what data you want to acquire from a source using the Metadata Catalog.

Data Extraction

Extraction defines the process of collecting data from a data source and writing it to the open-source parquet file format in the Empower Landing Zone.

A handful of Empower supported data sources for extraction.

A handful of Empower supported data sources for extraction.


Supported Data Sources in Empower

Empower is configured to support over 200+ data sources for extraction. Some of these are entirely self-serviceable from the UI. Others require more configuration by the Empower delivery team.

For a full list of sources, check out our Source System Support page.. Talk to your delivery manager for more information.

Data Ingestion

Data ingestion takes the data from the Landing Zone and ingests it into the open-sourced Delta Table format into the Bronze Layer of the Medallion Architecture.

All Empower-ingested data is tracked as part of a Type 2 data contract. This means that all changes made to the data from the original data source, including modifications and deletions, are stored as new data points in the Bronze Layer.

Bronze Layer ingested data is further ingested into the Silver Layer as the most current version of every data point.

What’s Next

To configure Data Acquisition from Data Sources, learn about how to manipulate the Metadata Catalog.