Execution/Scheduling allows you to create, modify, and delete Load Group triggers. It also allows you to trigger load groups to run on demand, as well as schedule them to run on a custom cadence.

From Advanced Options, navigate to the Execution/Scheduling tab.

Create a Trigger

To create a new trigger record, click on the "+" button.

Creating a new Flow Config.

Creating a new Trigger.

Creating a new record is as easy as selecting a name and the Load Group number that this flow will be responsible for running. Once you hit create, the new record will be visible in the table. You can only select a Load Group that both exists in Database to Step Commands and is active

Triggering a Flow

To run a flow right now, click the Run Flow button for the desired flow. Upon triggering, you will receive a notification that the flow has been triggered to run.


There can only ever be one instance of a given flow running!

If you trigger the same flow back to back, attempt to trigger a flow while a scheduled run is running, or try to schedule two runs of the same flow to run on top of one another, Empower will automatically detect duplicate flow runs.

In these instances, the flow instance that was activated first will remain running. Any additional triggered run will be skipped.

Scheduling a Flow

To schedule a flow, click the "Schedule Flow" button for that record.

You may select a start date and start time, as well as the specific time zone for this schedule.

You may also select if you want this schedule to repeat, and on which date you want the repeating schedule to end, if applicable. Flows may be triggered to run by the minute, hour, day, week, and month.

After scheduling your flow, that records Start Time, Schedule, and (if applicable) Ends On fields will be populated.

Start Time, Schedule, and Ends On fields are now populated.

Start Time, Schedule, and Ends On fields are now populated.

Trigger Record Fields

Field NameDescription
Load GroupThe Load Group for this config.
Start TimeThe first occurrence for the config's schedule.
ScheduleThe repeating schedule for the config.
Ends OnThe last scheduled occurrence for the config.
Run FlowTrigger this flow to run right now.
Schedule FlowSchedule this flow to run later/on a scheduled cadence
Clear ScheduleRemove the schedule from this flow. Note: this will not stop an actively running flow.