Azure DevOps

Connector Details

Connector AttributesDetails
NameAzure DevOps
DescriptionAzure DevOps is a comprehensive suite of development tools and services offered by Microsoft Azure, designed to facilitate collaboration, automation, and continuous delivery in software development projects. It provides a unified platform for managing the entire software development lifecycle, including planning, coding, building, testing, releasing, and monitoring applications. Azure DevOps encompasses a range of services such as Azure Boards for project planning and tracking, Azure Repos for version control, Azure Pipelines for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), Azure Artifacts for package management, and Azure Test Plans for manual and automated testing. With features like customizable workflows, integration with popular development tools, and support for multiple programming languages and platforms, Azure DevOps enables teams to streamline their development processes, improve collaboration, and deliver high-quality software faster. Whether working on small projects or large-scale enterprise applications, Azure DevOps provides the tools and capabilities needed to drive innovation and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.
Connector TypeClass B


Feature NameFeature Details
Load StrategiesFull Load
Metadata ExtractionSupported
Data AcquisitionSupported
Data PublishingNot Supported
Automated Schema Drift HandlingNot Supported

Source Connection Attributes

Connection ParametersData TypeExample
Project IDStringmyprojectid
Access TokenString
Bronze Schema (Optional)String
Silver Schema (Optional)String

Connector Specific Configuration Details

  1. Azure DevOps connector has optional values such as Bronze Schema and Silver Schema
  2. More details around this connector

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