Object Model

From Advanced Options, navigate to the Object Model tab.

From this table, you can view the status of all past and current model entity builds.

Object Model Fields

Field NameDescription
IDThe ID for this row entry.
Object IDThe ID for the object (model or entity).
Data Factory Run IDThe Azure Data Factory Run ID for the object's buildout.
Load GroupThe Load Group this object is associated with.
Object SchemaIf this object is an entity, the gold layer schema for this object. If this object is a model, "Model".
Object NameIf this object is an entity, the name of the entity. If this object is a model, "Creation".
File PathA deprecated field. No longer used.
SuccessWhether or not this buildout was successful.
ErrorContains an error message if the buildout was not successful.
Start TimeThe start time of the overall model buildout.
End TimeThe end time of the entity buildout.