Model - Entity Dependency

Navigate to the Advanced Options pane on the left side of your screen. On the top of Advanced Options, navigate to the Model - Entity Dependency tab.


What is an Entity Dependency?

Entity Dependencies help Empower define the order in which dims and facts get built and how they can be optimally parallelized. An accurate dependency assignment can be the difference between a fast and efficient model build and a slow or failing process.

Make sure to study your staging logic to determine what entities depend on each other.

The Entity Dependency tab.

The Entity Dependency tab.


You can filter Entity Dependency by both Entity and Model for easy navigation.

Use these filters to quickly scope your view to a specific set of assets.

Creating an Entity Dependency

Create a new Entity Dependency record by clicking "New Record". This will bring up the Entity Column creation modal.

Creating a new record in the Entity Dependency tab.

Creating a new record in the Entity Dependency tab.


  1. Assign parent-child entity relationships. In such relationships, the child table is dependent on the parent table, and it must wait for the completion of the parent table before proceeding. Make sure to assign parent and child entities correctly, and that the model_id column points to your model.
  2. Assign any entities that don't have a prior depency directly to the model itself. To do this: make a new record and leave the parent entity ID blank! Define the child entity to be the that entity, and define the model to be your model.