What is Modeling?

Modeling is the process of manipulating raw data in the Lakehouse into a processed, analytics-ready model.

Empower's model building technology takes care of orchestration and parallelization for you. All you have to do is define the model you want to build and the logic to transform your data, as defined in SQL statements within staging notebooks.

Configuring Model Building

Creating, modifying, and deleting modeling configurations can all be done through Empower's Advanced Options feature set. For a step-by-step guide at how to configure a model buildout, please see our Configuring Model Building page.

For detailed information about each Model-centric Advanced Options table, please visit the Advanced Options, specifically the Model, Entity, Entity Column, and Entity Dependency pages.

Staging Notebooks

Define data transformations with staging notebooks in Databricks. For an in-depth guide at how staging notebooks can be written, please see our Staging Data with Notebooks page.