Dynamics behavior

Dynamics Behavior

This section describes the behavior of the DDU library when interacting with specific Dynamics fields.


  • Owner Ids

    To set a record owner, the ownerid_id and ownerid_logicalname must be set in the source data. These values are compared to the existing owner in the target table and updated in an independent process from the updates to the other fields.

  • Record Status

    The statecode and statuscode fields are used to set the status of a record and handle soft-deletes. To update these columns, specify the statecode and statuscode fields in the source data. Importantly, if these two columns are not set the source data will be treated as active records.

    When an update is issued to a record that is already in the "Inactive" state, the record is first activated before the update to the other columns can proceed. After the update, the record is set to the state specified in the source data, or left "Active" if no state is specified.


  • Legal Entities

    The dataareaid field is used to specify the legal entity the record is associated with. This field is required for all records and must be set in the source data unless the target entity is a shared entity.

    To set the legal entity, add a column to the source data with the name dataareaid and the value of the legal entity to load the data to. Multiple legal entities can loaded in a single operation or different legal entities can be loaded from separate tables, depending on the use case.

    During a file drop workflow, the legal entity can be specified in the configuration file which will automatically add the dataareaid column to the source data automatically.